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Test Your Hard Drive For Free

Detecting a failing hard drive or solid-state drive before it becomes unusable can save you over $1,000 in data recovery and hours of downtime.

While it seems that hard drive failures happen suddenly, in many cases it is possible to see a driver’s health deteriorate well in advance – if you are paying attention to the drive’s SMART notifications.

The problem is most major manufacturers like Dell, HP, Toshiba, and ASUS disable SMART notifications in the BIOS of the computer to prevent warranty claims.

Most laptop and desktop computer users have no idea their hard drive is in trouble until it fails completely.

All major brand hard drives like Western Digital and Seagate and Samsung keep a log of errors the drive encounters over time.

Drive Adviser is a free program made by Schrock Innovations that reads these logs and then calculates a health percentage based on the values in the log.

Hard drives should always be at 100% health, so when Drive Adviser notifies you that your hard drive or solid-state hard drive has dropped to 99% health, it is time to clone it to a replacement drive while you still can.

Drive Adviser runs silently in the background when your PC boots and when an issue is detected, it sends you a notification via email.

You can test internal and external hard drives as soon as they are plugged into your Windows computer.

Over 14% of the hard drives tested by Drive Adviser are in a failure state. Right now your computer’s hard drive has a 1 in 6 chance of being bad.

Drive Adviser does not have any advertisements, there is not a “professional” version to purchase, and we never send you any email aside from notifications about your drive’s health.

How To Test Your Hard Drive Instantly:

1) Download Drive Adviser for free
2) Install the program on your Windows computer
3) Enter your notification email address
4) Click on the icon in your taskbar to see the status of all drives connected to your PC

Scanned Drives
Fails Detected

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Drive Adviser Test Your Hard Drive?

Every hard drive has S.M.A.R.T. software that detects internal drive failures.

However, most manufacturers disable these notifications hoping that your failing hard drive will work well enough to get you through the warranty period.

Drive Adviser bypasses the manufacturer lockouts to read the drive’s S.M.A.R.T. information.  We then calculate your drive’s health based on the failures it has experienced over time.

100% is a perfect drive and anything less is a drive-in failure status.

SMART information monitored by Drive Adviser

What are Drive Adviser’s System Requirements?
Drive Adviser only runs on Windows 10.  Drive Adviser is not compatible with Apple computers.

Some tablets and other devices that run Windows use a different kind of storage that does not offer any S.M.A.R.T. information.  Drive Adviser will run on these devices, but will not see the primary drive.

How Can I See the Health of My Drives?

After you have installed Drive Adviser, simply double left-click on the Drive Adviser icon in the taskbar by your clock to open the main program window.  It will automatically load the health percentages of any hard drives hooked up to the computer.


Drive Adviser Tests Solid State and Mechanical Hard Drive Health

If you attach a new drive (like an external hard drive) just click the refresh icon to update the view.

Drive Adviser Won’t Show Me My Drive’s Health

If the main program window is not opening for you when you double click on the icon by your clock, your computer is most likely missing a dependency required by Drive Adviser.

If you experience this issue, please download and install this and restart your PC:

Why Does Drive Adviser Ask for My Email?

When Drive Adviser detects a failing disk in your computer it will show it in the drive health window and your Drive Adviser icon will turn red in your system tray.

Drive Adviser will also send you an email telling you what computer has a bad drive and which drive it is.  That’s the only thing your email address is used for.

Drive Adviser Email Alerts About Hard Drive Health

What Information Does Drive Adviser Send in the Notification Email?



Drive Adviser reports the drive letter of your failing drive.  In some cases, the failing drive may not have a letter, and therefore it defaults to ‘NA’.

Drive Adviser Says I Need the .Net Framework
Drive Adviser requires the .Net Framework to operate properly.  Most computers have this already, but if you don’t you can install it easily from here:
How Much Does Drive Adviser Cost?
Drive Adviser is 100% free.  There is no advertising, not pro version to buy, no spam ever, and we never sell or lend your information to anyone.  We made Drive Adviser help us explain to our customers why their hard drives fail.

Schrock customers often choose to have us replace their failing drive and that is our motivation to provide and maintain this software.

If you are not a Schrock Innovations customer already, you will need to contact the local computer repair shop of your choice or replace the hard drive yourself if a hard drive failure is detected.